Vision Clearing:  20/70 to Normal
A technique for preventing nearsightedness with a plus lens is  the medical "Second Opinion".  This site has been prepared to help you understand this method for clearing your distant vision from 20/70 to 20/20.  This is the alternative to the more traditional (negative-lens theory) for dealing with nearsightedness.

The introductory
Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 11 are available for your review.  The scientific explanation about why prevention can work for you is detailed in the additional chapters.  Advice for you is provided free.   "Your Child's Vision" discusses parental concerns and is available on the "Myopia Prevention" site.

Steve Leung OD, evaluates these issues on, "
China Myopia", to help parents and children understand this second-opinion method of myopia prevention.  Some children read at  -12 Diopters. This is your child's first step into nearsightedness.  If you wish to Save Your Child's Eyes you should review the questions you might ask your eye doctor about your child's habit of writing at very close distances.  Does this type of reading have an effect on the focal status of his eyes?  Does the minus lens have an undesired effect the refractive status of the eye?

A strong opinion against the use of the minus  lens for nearsightedness is expressed by Donald Rehm on  "
The Myopia Prevention site".  Details about using the  "Plus Lens Method" can be found on the Natural Vision site.  A Professional Pilot, Captain Fred Deakins, explains the use of  the preventive plus lens on his site -- for your evaluation.  David De Angelis cleared his vision by use of the plus lens  from 20/200 to normal.  His site is, "Power Vision System".  Our engineering paper on "Accommodation" is presented on i-see, and graph by clicking here.

A review is provided that details how pilots cleared their distant vision from 20/70  to 20/20.  In the future we hope to run a pilot-preventive study at an
Aeronautical College.  Primates in the wild have good vision as part of their fundamental refractive profile.  Man, living in the "open" has excellent  vision and the same refractive status range.
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