Dr. Stirling Colgate's support for Steve Leung OD
Expanded Statement
                                                                                       November 12, 2004

My support for Steve Leung OD and Alfred Bossino

To the Parents,

I have often wondered why the profession of optometry does not change its treatment for the prevention of myopia with a plus lens -- in these decades after the ground-breaking scientific research by Dr. Francis Young, Dr. Howard Howland and others has been successfully completed.

I have seen the number of young myopes increase in the USA and to an incredible extent in the Far East.  The prevalence is very serious in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and China.

I regret this obvious and rapid increase in the degree of myopia around the world -- because of the use of the traditional (minus-lens) treatment.  This is a primitive method indeed.  To this date there has been no systematic effort to educate the public about this method of effective nearsightedness prevention with the plus lens.

I personally support and recommend the work of Steve H. Leung and Alfred Han Bossino.  They are making a sincere effort to educate the public about the necessity of "correct use" of the plus lens for prevention.  Mr. Leung's knowledge and skill will be of considerable value to your child in his goal of maintaining clear distant vision through the school years.